Triplet Mommy’s Triumphant Return by Quinn Hart Chapter 88

Triplet Mommy’s Triumphant Return by Quinn Hart Chapter 88

Chapter 88 

These days, Melanie was taken so good care of by Roderick all the time, although she was only on a menstrual period. Besides, Jennifer would come to visit her every day

Melanie was fed all sorts of dishes every day

However, Jennifer was nagging, and Melanie didn’t bear to reject. And if she refused to drink the soup, Roderick would stare at her until she was flushed and drank it

As the days passed, Melanie felt that she had gained a lot of weight

She thought, My God, are they going to fatten me up?” 

Looking at her round face in the mirror, Melanie pouted

As for what happened that night, she and Roderick had a tacit understanding

Neither of them said anything, but except that they didn’t sleep in one bed at night, they were very much like a couple in love

Roderick completely regarded Harbour Villa as his own home. He came to the villa on time every day, bringing Ethan and Elias to see Melanie

He watched Melanie eat and repeatedly exhorted her to be careful with the temperature of water

Melanie found that she actually wasn’t tired of Roderick’s nagging

Her dependence and acceptance surprised even herself

Jennifer even sent the servants of the Lambert family to Harbour Villa to help Melanie clean up her house

Every time Jennifer saw Melanie, she would always call Melanie affectionately

However, Melanie didn’t know how to determine her relationship with Roderick

They had only known each other for a short time, but they were so deeply bound. Despite what happened seven years ago, the most important thing was that she gave birth to their sons


Chapter 88 

Melanie felt that everything in Harbour Villa, including the servants, food, and so on, belonged to the Lambert family except her alone

Time flew and the spring auction almost came to an end

In addition to the collection of a set of ancient bamboo slips by Vision Museum at a skyrocketing price of forty million, more than 96% of all other auctions were completed, and 42 auctions featured white gloves. The final transaction amount far exceeded Melanie’s plan, reaching three hundred million

This was definitely the highest transaction rate in the history of Rising Star since. its establishment, which was simply unprecedented

As soon as the numbers were released, the auction industry was sensationalized

Melanie once again became the focus of the art circle of Beloris

All the collectors and art galleries wanted to get acquainted with Melanie

But of course, it wasn’t that easy

Therefore, some people even went to Steve

That night, Melanie finished her last work and went home early, because Enzo would be back tonight

These days, Enzo had been staying in the research institute of the Lambert family for so long. If it weren’t for his unfinished business, he wouldn’t be willing to leave

Melanie was back early, and neither Ethan nor Elias had come back. Melanie wanted to check the notebook that Darrin brought back last time, so she went into the study

Unexpectedly, as soon as she sat down, there was a knock on the door, and Darrin 

came in

Recently Melanie was surprised to find that Darrin and Roderick seemed to accept each other and coexist peacefully

Seeing that they weren’t so hostile to each other, Melanie was very happy

She also thought that the two must’ve got to recognize each other in the process of getting along with each other. They both felt that each other wasn’t that bad, so 


13:18 West, 20 Mar 

Chapter 88 

they naturally stopped fighting

Actually, that wasn’t the case at all

It was said that one night, without Melanie’s knowledge, Darrin and Roderick had a confrontation

Roderick was about to bring hot milk to Melanie when he arrived at the hall and was stopped by Darrin

Of course, Roderick wouldn’t fight with Darrin. After all, his Twain Shadow Guards. would naturally defend him

The three of them were stopped by Roderick after one move

Darrin, just say what you have to say. But keep your voice down, and don’t disturb Mela.Roderick spoke as if Melanie were already his wife

But Darrin was obviously not stimulated. His face was dim in the bright light of the hall and he replied, Mr. Lambert, I don’t care what you want to do, but if you make Ms. Robertson, Ethan, and Elias unhappy, I won’t tolerate you!” 

Hearing this, Roderick wasn’t annoyed but he smiled instead

Well, why do you care so much about Mela? If she is married to the Lambert family in the future, will you step in as well?” 

Hearing this, Darrin was stunned for a moment, but soon his sharp eyes showed firmness

In my heart, she will always be Ms. Robertson!” 

Humph, I didn’t expect that the international top killer would become a loyal subordinate of Mela, Roderick said with a rare smile. For your loyalty’s sake, I can tolerate you for the time being, but” 

After Roderick said that, his face was quickly covered with coldness. Cruelty flashed in his eyes and he said, Keep your eyes and your heart in check!” 

Since that conversation, every time Darrin saw Melanie, this sentence rang in his mind unconsciously

Keep your eyes and your heart in check!” 

Chapter 88 

Keep your eyes and your heart in check!” 

Keep your eyes and your heart in check!” 

Just like this moment

Hearing Melanie saying Please come in, Darrin’s heart twitched unconsciously

What? Are you saying that Steve is using my name to draw over art dealers in Beloris to his side?” 

Yes, Ms. Robertson!replied Darrin with his head down

Melanie was completely speechless about Steve

She really couldn’t figure it out. She didn’t know why he still dared to take advantage of her name since she had already broken off the fatheranddaughter relationship with him. 

She thought, Doesn’t he know that he isn’t worth a penny in my heart now? Isn’t he afraid that I would humiliate him in public?‘ 

Ms. Robertson, do you want me to teach him a lesson?Darrin asked in a low, muffled voice

Hearing this, Melanie rolled her eyes at Darrin and asked, What lesson? Break one of his legs?” 

Darrin was stunned for a moment and replied, As long as you want” 

Hearing this, Melanie knew that Darrin was going to talk about his kill theory again. and hurriedly waved to interrupt him

Just ignore him for the time being and ask someone to keep an eye on him closely. Besides, find some people to check Steve’s Art Gallery!Melanie said, I always feel that there’s something wrong with Steve’s Art Gallery” 

Yes, Ms. Robertson!” 

How’s the situation in Eistar? Have you found anything further?Melanie held the notebook that Darrin handed in last time and looked through it

Chapter 89 

Triplet Mommy’s Triumphant Return by Quinn Hart

Triplet Mommy’s Triumphant Return by Quinn Hart

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Seven years ago, Melanie Robertson was betrayed by her half-sister Vanessa, and in an effort to avoid disgrace, she made a ludicrous deal with a mysterious man. And after a wild night, she left and then found she was pregnant with three children. After seven years, Melanie returned with a fierce determination to seek justice, only to discover the true cause of her mother's death. The gentle father she had always known had conspired with her stepmother Tracy, also a former friend of her late mother's, and even Vanessa was revealed to be her father's biological daughter. All the perplexing truth was connected to an ancient painting...

Triplet Mommy's Triumphant Return by Quinn Hart

Meanwhile, the enigmatic man from seven years ago, Roderick Lambert, had never forgotten Melanie and had been relentlessly searching for her. When they finally reunited, Roderick was determined to help her seek revenge and win her heart. Despite Melanie's initial resistance, she could not resist the strong requests of their three talented children, who longed for them to get back together. As lies and conspiracies unraveled, could Melanie ultimately reclaim everything she had lost?


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