Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back Chapter 60

Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back Chapter 60

Chapter 60 

Ashton’s POV 

I promise, you’re gonna enjoy riding the bike, alpha,Dane says when he comes into my office as I am about to retire from work for the day

I glare at him and scoff. Dane sure as hell knows how much I hate riding on bikes

The thing nearly caused me amnesia years ago but I thankfully survived it

Dane, don’t pretend you don’t how much I despise bikes. Have you forgotten what happened years ago?I ask him, stuffing the paperwork into my portfolio

I remember that night vividly, when we embarked on a race in the pack, wanting to test our capacity

Dane grumbles, inching close to my side. From the office window, I can tell it’s already dusk and I have Cronus’s birthday party to attend

I know but you pulled through. That shows just how strong you’re, alpha.” 

A thought comes to my mind and I pause what I’m doing and give Dane a clear onceover

What exactly do you want to do with my car, young man?” 

Dane’s eyes go saucerwide, knowing I’ve gotten an inkling of what he’s doing

Dane can’t just barge into my office and offer me to use his bike without wanting something in exchange

Caught redhanded, he awkwardly scratches the back of his head

Look, alpha. I’ll be going back to the camp brieflyHe trails off and I nod my head, encouraging him to 


Go onI tell him, waiting expectantly

epouts then. Figured a new brothel miles away from here, alpha” 


malready shaking my head in obvious disapproval as Dane rattles

tumors have it that beautiful chicksomegas are there, alpha. I can’t go back to the camp without a good 

gasm. You know the women there are off limits.” 

Chapter 60 

I nearly laugh at the scrunched look on his face. Your fists can always come in handy, I tell him, meaning 

Yet, it can never be compared to the real deal, alpha. I want some good fuck” 

Not to He, the way he’s saying that entices my cock to life and I’m forced to remember the night I had her Josie

I shake my head inwardly. Looking at Dane, I know I need to get rid of this man, or else he’ll influence my hard- 

on mare 

Dipping my hand in my drawer, I bring out the car key and hand it to him.. 

Better treat that car like a baby,I order

A smile ghosts over Dane’s face as he salutes me. Then. Aye, aye, alpha.” He chirps and I laugh lightly

From my periphery, I watch him leave, happily. His bike’s key stares back at me on the table

Thank goddess, I’m not wearing a suit, if not it’ll be awkward driving a bike while in a suit

I grab the keys and pad my way outside the hallway and to the curb where Dane had parked the bike

I can see the rest of my workers interested in the party taking their leave from the hospital

Clasping the helmet on my head, I straddle the bike and bring the engine alive. The bike roars and kicks off down the buzzing road

Midway through the ride, I find myself enjoying it, welcoming the bliss with open arms

In record time, I arrive at the pubMars Pub, the neon sign reads, and I kill the bike’s engine, removing the


Flexing my corded arms quickly, I started for the entrance

Immediately I’m inside, the lights go off and I feel the trembling hands clutching mine in the overwhelming 


Following that contact is the shrilly, frightened voice muttering in a frantic manner

Pleasepleasepleasethe voice is so hoarse I can barely hear the person. Only my hearing abilities helped in hearing the voice a bit. Don’t leave me, please.” 

The person says. The shaking of the person’s body informs me how scared they’re

Emergency calls only – 

Chapter 60 

On autopilot, I tighten my grip on the person’s hand as my lycan rears its head. My numbed senses don’t let me perceive the person’s scents

However, as I feel the texture of the hand, I know right then and there… 

It’s a woman

Out of instinct, I growl. I won’t leave you. I’ll never leave you. Not at all.” 

The woman whimpers as I flush her into my arms. My lycan takes a predatory swirl and before I can stop it, I’m already filling the person’s scent with mine, showing my willingness to protect her

Josie’s POV

My mind is jumbled, my body is panicking as I hold onto the man. I can’t think, I can’t scent him. I don’t 

know him

All that I can smell is my fear. All I can feel is the shots of tremors

By the sky, this hasn’t happened to me before. But here I amsuffering from a panic attack as my mind bombards me with images of the dungeon

The way the guards dragged me away

I didn’t do it.The words come out of my mouth in shrilly whispers

I heard the stranger I was holding onto promise not to leave me and flush me into his arms

With force, I remember how the man I called father clasped the Silver collar on my neck

It’s scary. Goosebumps take sudden residence on my body

The summoning howls…. 

The members of the pack… 

Emergency calls only

Chapter 60 

The guillotine……… 

The death sentence… 

Funcharacteristically break into sobs in the stranger’s arms as he soothes me, telling me he’s here

Is he

The fear I felt, the panic, all ebbed when I felt the man fingering my hair

I hold him tight, refusing to let go. Then warmth starts to flow inside me again

My senses 

which flew from me in the moment of panic– return. I sigh in contentment and still hold the man. Every flex of his fingers into my hair makes me feel the ripple of his muscles

I bury my face into his neck, savoring the moment of peace… 

The echo of voices slowly becomes clear

Behind my closed eyelids, I feel the overhead lights come back with force and I slam my eyes open

I make a move, wanting to disentangle myself from the man’s arms

Just as I do that, my face comes a hairsbreadth away from his and our eyes clash.. 

Titanium gray eyes bury into mine

The instant my brain processes the familiarity of the eyes, I spring into action

“Josie, easy.Ashton’s voice rains into my ears. YouHe stutters, looking as shocked as I am

It was him

Oh, goddess! I cry inwardly as humiliation drenches me

My heart thumps with a brute force and my lungs grow too tight to allow in some sir

We both stand there, reeling in the awkwardness of what happened seconds ago

……I try it speak but it’s difficult

What have done? What was thinking burying my body into Ashton’s

Chapter 60 

The low murmur coming from behind me saves me from a long explanation I can’t give 


turn to watch as well as Ashton and to my shocked horror everyone in the pub is staring at Ashton and

Murmurs break out as they take us in. Ashton then me

Oh goddess, what have I done? I scream to myself, feeling shame. Total shame

The feeling heightens when my eyes land on Sandra’s, sitting just beside one of Cronus’s friends 

Othersgaze holds hints of curiosity and awe but Sandra’s way too dark, screaming hatred

Ahem!Ashton clears his throat and shoulder passes me to walk in their midst

The power outage was a crazy one.He says and Cronus chimes in

Man, the shit made me nearly pee on my pants.” 

The joke eases the tense atmosphere and everyone laughs. I take that moment to slink back into my seat 

Cronus makes a space for Ashton to sit

Swallow, knowing he can see me directly from here

Cronus manages to keep everyone engaged with his clattering. Just like before, we all laugh uncontrollably as h tells us about his first awkward experience as a doctor

I feel calm that period, enjoying the company of others and pushing thoughts about how Ashton’s arms held m protectively minutes ago

An hour passes and Cronus informs us the servers will bring in the cake. With a flick of his fingers, the serving comes in with the fourstep cake and other pastries and drinks

Ashton takes the lead, saying something about how prissy and exuberant Cronus is

We all clap for the birthday guy as he blushes

Then after we sing a birthday song for him and he cuts the cake

We clap for him

cheering him. Ms. Thom and Sandra serve the cake around


Chapter 60 

I can’t help noticing how Sandra is swimming around Ashton

Immediately after she finishes serving the cake, she takes a seat beside Ashton, trying to engage him in a discussion

Ms. Rose, you want more?Ms. Thorn’s voice snaps me from my sulking mood

I turn to the woman and see her holding up a drink

Yeah, I don’t mind,I say and she hands me the bottle

I finish the drink in two gulps and request for another

Are you aware this has alcohol?One of the junior doctorswords echoes in my ear

Turning, I smile at him and nod. Yeah, but I don’t mind letting loose for one night, ya know?” 

Of course, of course.He mutters, jolting his head where his attention is needed

I take more bottles, drinking as everyone’s doing the same

Oh, this is such a blissI think to myself, staring at the pretty bottle sitting between my fingers

It helps me to ditch all the angry stares Sandra throws my way

Who cares what she does? Clearly not me. I laugh in my head and I hear my wolf scoff

I could feel those gray eyes burning tracks on my body but I didn’t mind

Time for a little fun activity!Cronus hollers and we all clap. Where are our best singers!?He asks

Sandra raises her hands along with others too

Then head to the stage. Sandra goes in first, taking charge of the microphone

They put on music by Doja Cat as Sandra had chosen

UmeveryoneI just wanna say this music is dedicated to someone close to my 

Saying that she pins her eyesin Ashton’s direction

My wolf puckers up quickly, she shakes her body and sighs in irritation


Chapter 60 

I hate her. She’s lusting after our matel 

Me too, I hate her a bunch. I mutter, biting my lower lips in anger

Her voice isn’t that good.I don’t know when the words slip from my lips and I quickly slam my hands over my mouth

What did you say, Ms. Rose?Ms. Thorn asks, tilting close to me

Oh, nothing.I offer, smiling cheekily

Ms. Thorn focuses back on the singers and I find out at that moment thatSandra has stopped singing

The others go in too, singing as we all cheer them

Cronus takes the stage after, singing in a tenor voice

I’ll go next.” 

Chills break out on my skin when Ashton’s voice carries through the air and into my ears

Wow….Everyone claps, watching as Ashton’s body dominates the stage

He looks over at us but his eyes homes in on me as he clasps the microphone

Thissong is for a special someone.He says, throwing gazes my way

And the minute the first lyric leaves his lips I remember the song

My favorite lonetime song back the Old Pack

The one I always sing when I’m under the pine tree

As Ashton begins singing the song tears sting my eyes and my heart rumbles, in want, desire, need

I always sing that because 

I crave him. Because I crave my stepbrother. My crush

But how did he know that? How did he find out about it

I’m always alone whenever I sing them.. 

Emergency calls only ** 

Chapter 60 

Does that 

t meals. Ashton has been keeping tabs on me from way back

Thinking that, i look in his eyes and my heart quiver as I recognize the look in his eyes

He knew all about it, all about me…….. 


Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back by BookWise

Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back by BookWise

Score 9.3
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: April 19, 2024 Native Language: English

Read Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back (Josie and Ashton) by BookWise Novel

Josie and Ashton

??? The book contains explicit contents. "Today, before every member of the pack, I Ashton Creed, the future alpha of the Yellow River pack, reject you, Josie Ward, as my mate." Josie had secretly crushed on her playboy alpha stepbrother, Ashton and to her surprise, he turned out to be her fated mate when she turned 18 years old. But what Josie didn't expect was being rejected that same day after they had bonded through s*x. What pained her the most was that he placed a bet on her with his friends. Josie was still nursing her heartbreak when she was accused of stealing her father's moonstone and was to be punished through a death sentence but on that fateful night, she ran from her pack and went to the city. Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back by BookWise Josie swore never to see her ex-mate, Ashton, and to hide their baby from him. After five years of being in the city, Josie became a popular language teacher and translator all men wanted for themselves. Surprisingly, she accepted a job offer where she would tutor a popular doctor in the city in private for ninety days and that doctor turned out to be Ashton. Ninety days with Ashton would mean sexual torture would she continue especially now she had another man in her life? What would happen when Josie finds out about her true identity and must fulfill her obligation to her new pack which includes marriage to the pack's beta?

Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back by BookWise

Josie. My vision blurred. My mind was dazed as pleasure shot through me. I threw my legs wide open as Ashton settled deeper, taking control of my body. I whimpered feeling every thrust, every whip Ashton gave me. He clutched my lips with his, giving me kisses that made me moan out his name. This felt good.

Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back


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