Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back Chapter 59

Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back Chapter 59

Chapter 59 

Josie’s POV 

It didn’t take me long hours to whip up the test I sent to Ashton. Mr. Thompson called earlier, asking about my lesson with the CEO of Erstwhile company, Ashton

My boss made it clear that he’ll call me for the submission of the report and also review

By the light, that made my nerves jumpy. I don’t know what Ashton give me as a review, I mean the number of stars he’ll give

By the goddess, I hope he’ll not be so ruthless and give a onestar review because I’m not giving him a chance to waltz back into my life

The thought weighed heavily on me even as I typed the test of fifty tough questions in Russian. No options because they’re all subjective questions

When I round up with that, I get up from my seat and head to Ms. Thorn’s desk to request for Ashton’s email address

The short stride through the hallway brings me to the woman’s desk

Surprisingly, Dr. Sandra is there too. I hear her asking Ms. Thorn a bunch of questions fanatically

Really? I had no single idealDr. Sandra snaps, throwing her hands in the air

My bad. I thought you were aware.Ms. Thorn whispers with an unremorseful shrug. That’s beside the case ow.She breathes

hey’re still unaware of my imposing presence, though my curiosity to know what they’re saying makes me not ammer my heels with every step I take

The doc is organizing a small gathering. I hope you won’t miss that?Ms. Thorn asks

andra shoves a hair strand beside her war. Then. Definitely won’t miss that one” 

e stops rambling when she notices my presence. Immediately, she rolls her eyes ana ten throws her face way as if I’m smelling

i, Ms. Thorns.I chirp, smiling as much as I can. The woman responds positively, flapping her ears to hear wh 

got to say

Emergency cams uny 

Chapter 59 

How may I help, ms. Rose?” 

Can I have Ashton’s email address?I rattle off

Sandra twirls her face back to mine, scowling. And what do you need it for?She yells

I grimace at the pitchiness of her voice

Whatever I do with it is no concern of yours.I sneer

Ms. Thorn seems to have read the brimming tension between Sandra and I. So. She quickly finds a piece of paper and pen, then she scribbles Ashton’s email address and gives it to me

Without wasting a second, I turn on my heels and go back into my office, loving the peaceful ambiance that I got 

outside there

Typing the address into the system, I send the message with a little attachment

make sure to write out the attachment too and go back to Ms. Thorn, handing the written piece

Back in my office, my wolf chooses to use that quiet moment and banter with me

  1. 1

Is that the actual reason you sent the test to our mate?” 

sigh, my head laden with thoughts

You know I need to keep my distance,I admit, lowly. Quickly, I add. It’ll enable me to enjoy my relationship ith Diego without interruption.” 

ou know, your feelings for Diego aren’t as strong as that of our mate. You can’t keep running from him!” 

eep mute, allowing myself to argue, giving me reasons I should continue staying with Ashton at a close 


wever, I know it’s not just about Diego that I chose to distance myself from Ashton but rather the fact that he s hordes of women he goes on blind dates with

biddenly, my mind reminds me of that day in the café when Ashton came in with a woman

ad watched them chatting like old lovers

nton saw me but he didn’t even make an attempt to talk to me. That’s when I knew I needed to maintain my 

Chapter 59 

space. Period

Oww, but you’re still his tutor, might I remind you.My wolf chimes in and I hear the tinge of contempt in her voice

I grumble and stand on my feet. A little pace to the corner of my office, I stop before the espresso machine and till my cup with coffee

I believe with the right quantity of that in my system I’ll stop having these thoughts

I patter back behind my desk and settle into it

Slugging the coffee, I begin a surf through my emails, reviews, and reports

That continued until a call interrupted my seamless work process

I sigh and respond to the caller

Ms. Beth. Glad you called on time. Have you packed all of Aria’s clothes?I ask her over the phone while my fingers type away on the keyboard

I just realized there are many reports I haven’t attended to. So, I alternate between paying attention to Ms. Beth and reading the report while making some corrections where needed

Uhhuh. I was just waiting for the final order from you.She coos

Thanks. But did you pack her binoculars? And the equipment in the basketball court?I ask fanatically. remembering how those things are very important to Aria

Some time ago, Diego fixed a small basketball court in the mudroom and she hasn’t been using it much, thou 

Yes, I did. The bags are quite heavy. Did you order an Uber?She asks

Oh, my bad, Ms. Beth. I actually forgot you’ll need it. Or a truck?I ask, uncertainly

Uber will be better. It’s not like Aria’s things are that big.” 

Right, I’ll book a ride for both of you. But you’ll need to pick her up from school. I’m sure ursy… 

by now.I rattle off the last part, checking the time on my wristwatch

True to my speculation, it’s already their dismissal time

Yes, I’ll do thatI hear Ms. Beth trail off and I pause briefly

Anything amiss?I brittle.. 

Oh, ummMs. Beth’s shuffling footfalls wisps into my ears. I think Mr. Diego already brought Aria back, Ms. 


He did? My goddess.” 

I silently thank the goddess over Diego. The man is everloving

A content sigh leaves my lips and I tell Ms. Beth to inform me when they get to Tessa’s apartment

We end on a swift note and I relax a bit

Damn!I mutter when I realize my coffee is already turning cold

grab the cup and down the remnants in one go before dropping the cup with a thud

ust like before, I focus completely on the tasks I have

was halfway done when the rap on my office door drew my attention

aising my aching head, I offer. Come in.” 

eyes are on the door, watching expectantly as the person marches their feet inside

  1. r. Cronus.I croon, watching the exuberant young man step into my office with a radiant smile

nh, I can see you’re busy, Ms. Rose.He chirps, his smile reaching his eyes

ave my hands around the cluttered desk and nod. You can say that, doc.” I grin

er the welcome party some time ago, where the man gave some warm tirade, welcoming me into their midst. ve come close to being acquaintances

case sit” 

Emergency Colts may 

Chapter 59 

He didn’t let me finish as he said. I figured you are in the hospital’s group chat, hrom?” 


The question isn’t one Lespected, so kick a farove up. Then Apparently no. Is there something I should be aware of

He chuckles again. That sonorous sound can make someone laugh along too

Actually yes. And that’s my birthday which is today” 

My face warms and goes crimson before I can stop myself Oh, my. Happy birthday, Dr. Cronus. I wasn’t aware of that.” 

He waves me off. Please, Cronus is fine. Just Cronus, okay?” 

I can’t help the whip of blush on my face as I nod, Cronus, it is

Actually, Ms. Rose. There’s 

little gathering going on this evening after work. Just ten miles away from here andeveryone is invited.Hearing that, my mind quickly reminded me of what I heard Ms. Thorn discussing with Dr. Sandra. This must be 

I stutter but Cronus cuts me off

don’t want to hear you say no. It’s a karaoke night. So please, come and have wicked fun with us.” 

y mouth hangs open as I find it difficult to give him a response. I’m supposed to go over to Tessa’s and help my aughter settle in. But this

gh! I don’t want to be off too.. 

fore a second thought or excuse can really form in my heart, I spit. I’ll be there, then.” 

onus hoots in joy as he shoots to his feet

I see there then.” 

chat, he rattles off the location to me and exits my office.. 

Chapter 59 

Once it’s evening. I get lucky enough to find partners who are heading to Mars Pub, the pub where Cronus is holding his birthday party

Ms. Thom is happy to have me in their company. Other includes the nurse I sent to inform Ashton about his test earlier in the day

We’re about five and we board different Uber that takes us to the pub, ten miles away from the hospital

From Ms. Thorn’s words when we’re in the car, Ashton won’t show up because Dr. Cronus didn’t invite him

That steeled my heart too because I was already thinking he’d be there

And seeing him there means I’ll have to fight my wolf as she whines in my head and fight my feelings for him 


So, yeah, I love it this way. Just us and the celebrant

We arrive at the pub in a nick of time and we all stomp out. The evening air a welcoming ambiance as we go nside the pub

My eyes widened at how they arranged the tables and seats to be in a circle. So that means we’ll all sit together

and yup, others are already here too

rom my discernment, Cronus’s friends from outside the hospital are here too

the center stage is the readied music instrument and microphone standing erect on its stand

ome on. Come on, girls.Ms. Thorn urges us, holding me by my hand and we all settle into the seat

uff a breath, exchanging greetings with the others as they hand us our drinks

Onus is already there chattering away while everyone sul 


ho doesn’t know you, Cronus?One of the junior doctors says while others laugh as they taunt Cronus, Oh, in you’re literally the hospital’s spokesman.” 

all bark another round of laughter, doubling over

dn’t expect it’ll be this fun at all

nat moment of bliss, my cellphone rings and it’s from a private number

Chapter 59 

Excuse me, Ms. Thorn. I’ll be right back.I say goodnaturedly and slide off from the seat

Ten steps away and I’m at the far end of the pub that’s empty

Hello? Who is this?I spit out, but the other side is dead silent

Who are you?I tsk irritably. Then. I’m busy now, can you make your intentions known?I smatter

Yet. No sounds

It’s silent

The sound of a pin can be heard from the other side

check the phone again and figure out the call is still ongoing- 

pool of dread clogs my throat as I tug the phone away and hang up the call


think about the strangeness of this for a second before tsking

wirl on my heel, about to head back into the crowd when the overhead lights trip off. 

hat’s all it takes for my dread to come back with brute force

ate darkness. I can’t 

mach it

heart jolts as my mind reminds me of that painful night I was locked away in the dungeon. The night my her declared me a rogue

e darknessno noit’s 


hands begin trembling and a whimper leaves my lips instantly

gin darting my hands around frantically. Wanting some comfort amidst the chaos 

To my thoughts and 

  1. t

at hazy moment of dread, my hand dart into someone’s, and the words leaves my lips instantly.

Chapter 59 

Please please breathe hard and fast and harsh. Don’t leave me. Please.Fery out, holding on strong, callused hands like my life depends on it

Maybe it does, the tiny voice in my head whispers as anxiety chokes me 

Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back by BookWise

Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back by BookWise

Score 9.3
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: April 19, 2024 Native Language: English

Read Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back (Josie and Ashton) by BookWise Novel

Josie and Ashton

??? The book contains explicit contents. "Today, before every member of the pack, I Ashton Creed, the future alpha of the Yellow River pack, reject you, Josie Ward, as my mate." Josie had secretly crushed on her playboy alpha stepbrother, Ashton and to her surprise, he turned out to be her fated mate when she turned 18 years old. But what Josie didn't expect was being rejected that same day after they had bonded through s*x. What pained her the most was that he placed a bet on her with his friends. Josie was still nursing her heartbreak when she was accused of stealing her father's moonstone and was to be punished through a death sentence but on that fateful night, she ran from her pack and went to the city. Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back by BookWise Josie swore never to see her ex-mate, Ashton, and to hide their baby from him. After five years of being in the city, Josie became a popular language teacher and translator all men wanted for themselves. Surprisingly, she accepted a job offer where she would tutor a popular doctor in the city in private for ninety days and that doctor turned out to be Ashton. Ninety days with Ashton would mean sexual torture would she continue especially now she had another man in her life? What would happen when Josie finds out about her true identity and must fulfill her obligation to her new pack which includes marriage to the pack's beta?

Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back by BookWise

Josie. My vision blurred. My mind was dazed as pleasure shot through me. I threw my legs wide open as Ashton settled deeper, taking control of my body. I whimpered feeling every thrust, every whip Ashton gave me. He clutched my lips with his, giving me kisses that made me moan out his name. This felt good.

Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back


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