Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back Chapter 56

Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back Chapter 56

Chapter 56 

B% 08% 14:17 

Josie’s POV

My chest was bearing the brunt of my heavily thudding heart as I dashed out of the car, squeezed the paycheck. into the driver’s hand and faced the clustered café. That happened twenty minutes ago when I arrived here

I took the momentary pause granted by my escape from the cab to look around for Tessa

Hell, before my wandering eyes could see her, her sharp ones already saw me and she waved

I manage to plant a smile on my face as o approach my friend

Sliding into the seat, I begin spilling my cooked excuses. I’m sorry again about my lateness, Tessa. You know how my work is. Tight and filled. I just finished teaching” 

That’s enough, Rose.” She sighs. Your apology always bore me out, yikes.” 

I know it does but I still can’t help it. The crossed look she gives me makes me erupt into laughter

Goddess, Tessa. You really need to see your face. It screaming, kill!” 

I don’t care.I prattle

My eyes glimpse the barista moving around with a full tray of pastries. I wait for him to finish serving before

wave him over

Coming close, I place my order with a grin

Mocha latte for me.He nods

Turning to Tessa, she asks. Have a Strawberry smoothie?” 

Yes, ma’am.He replies

Then I’m going for that.To me, she asks. What’s your pairing pastry?” 

Cappuccino, please.I state and Tessa does so too before the Barista leaves

So you said you’ve got something really important you want to discuss about?She cock a brow

Emergency calls onlyx đ 

Chapter 56 

My shoulders sag as Sandra’s words from days before echo in my mind

08% 14.17 

I grow tense quickly as my daughter’s image fills my mind. I don’t want her to be noticed, at least not by people 

like Sandra

Thum a breath and watch my friend

Tessa, something is going on in my life.” 

The sentence pushes me to remember those deep blue eyes. Those eyes held a promise of death

It throat clogs with a lump of fear and anxiousness and I assume Tessa notices too because I catch her throat bobbing as she swallows

What could that be?She asked, her voice tinged with worry

The barista returns with our orders and settles them on the table

The afternoon breeze curls through my hair and Tessa’s, whipping it back and forth

I tighten a strand behind my ear as I spill it. I feel someone is keeping tabs on my daughter, Aria.” 

Tessa falls back into her seat under the sound of my voice. She frowns and then. Who could that be and why

I don’t know how to explain this now but I choose not to sail deep. Keeping things shallow, I spew. She wants to prove something. Listen, Tessa,” 

I hold my friend’s hands and continue. I don’t want her to be in the Prying eyes. Especially from the person.

trail off

Tessa seems to pick that up effortlessly as she completes the sentence I left hanging

From Aria’s father?” 

Bringing my eyes up, I nod with effort

We fall into a companionable silence as the music playing from the cafe’s jukebox wisps into the air

In our moment of silence, accompanied by the causal slug of our drinks and bite of our caños, feel a strong presence behind me

The invisible force pushes me to stare wideeyed at the man stepping into the cafe’s terrace 

Emergency cand 

Chapter 56 

That’s not what snaps the breath out of me. It’s the woman holding his hand and smiling cheekily at him

He’s here. Smelling so good, I want to rub my womanhood on his face. My wolf and I echo the same thought as i watch Ashton weaving through the space in between with ease

His bergamot scents don’t make it any easier either. I watch him stride along with the lady and it makes my heart crack seeing how she holds on to him

Tessa raises her head to talk to me but I don’t give her any attention and she forcefully follows my gaze untilit lands on Ashton’s

She bites out a curse, then. Josie!She snaps me out of my reverie

Her face looks shocked with a dose of disbelief

Don’t tell me you’re crushing on him again?” 

I blink rapidly, wanting to clear the thoughts about Ashton from my head

What? No. Of course not. He’s my exmate!I state, flushing

Good. Because Jane and I only wanted you to work there and make the man jealous. To make him see what he lost….a gem. Not to fall for him because you deserve better. A man likeDiego.” 

I grin with ease at the mention of Diego

I understand, girl. Thanks for always having my back.” 

The hairs on my body stood erect after I murmured the words. Reflexively, I flit my gaze up, searching until they land on those familiar titanium gray eyes

I blink rapidly under Ashton’s watchful eyes before breaking it away again. I shouldn’t look, I reprimand myself

Thankfully, Tessa dives back into our initial topic

So, what do you plan to do?” 

I carefully drop the glass of mocha latte back on the table after taking a gulp

The lady in question already knows where I live, making it difficult to hide my baby.” 

Tessa nods knowingly


Chapter 56 

I continue to make my intentions clear. I want Aria to be living with you, Tessa. I want to hide her under your care. You can do that for me?“ 

For what feels like forever, Tessa stares at me like I’ve grown two heads

Then, I can never say no to you, Rose. You know that for ages now. So, when do you plan on bringing her over?” 

Happiness bubbles within me and I pat Tessa’s cheeks

Tonight or tomorrow. I’ll have Ms. Beth bring her over.I state

HmmTessa hums low in her throat. That doesn’t explain why you missed our taco night, tho.” 

Involuntarily, my hands swirl through my hair as I breathe out. Tess, it wasn’t my fault. Something was being held at the hospital in my honor. That’s why I didn’t make it there.” 

Sucks. You better be there on our next taco night.She says warningly and I laugh, shy

Ashton’s POV*** 

I’m so mindless about what my blind date is saying because 

I have all my attention on Josie

My body bristles, watching as she laughs with her friends while her face turns crimson

Her beautiful face never fails to remind me what the epitome of beauty truly means

With no makeup on, Josie still looks elegant with her hazel eyes and wild brown hair

So. Why don’t you tell me about yourself, Ashton?” 

The screeching voice before me says

Manageably, I break my gaze from Josie’s, my body humming with this hunger to be with her

Emergency calls only 

Chapter 56 

C’mon, pretty.The git says again

Clearing my throat. I ask What’s your name?” 

I guess my question throws her off guard because her eyes are staring incredulously into mine


You don’t know my name? Till now?She asks, shaking her headAshton that’s the first thing I said to you when I came into the hospital!” 

Yeah, right! I totally forgot. I scrub my hand through my hair and sigh

That skipped my mind. Forgive me.I grind out but she doesn’t look as pleased as before

It’sokay. I’m Samantha.She stutters, Mind if you to 

meabout you?” 

I tilt into my seat and I shrug

There’s not much to know about me, Samantha. You already know I’m a doctor.” 

Are you analpha?She asks, tentatively

I open my mouth to give a response but my eyes stalks towards Josie’s direction. She has exited with her friend

How the fuck didn’t I know about that? I think to myself, rising on my feet

I feel the urge to clear the air between us. I want to inform her that Samantha is nothing special to me at all

Yes, do that. My lycan chimes in

Excuse me. Samantha. I have things to attend to.I didn’t mean for it to sound so harsh but the words are already out there

Squeezing some wads of dollar notes from my pocket, I slide it under my glass of iced tea

To Samantha I say. This should handle all the pastries and drinks you decide to take,I tell her as she looks at 

me with shocked eyes

Without giving it a second thought, I race after Josie. My feet hurrying to meet her

My surrounding blur around me and I momentarily forget my alpha status as I chase my exmate with fervor

On getting outside, I flitted my eyes around until it landed on a cab that Josie was squeezing into

Emergency calls only

Chapter 56 

I hurry closer, wanting to call her name but she unknowingly slams the door shut and the car speeds away 

I pause there, too still to move or think

The wave of exhaustion creeps into my bones, stalling my ability to move with ease into the pack house

It’s almost nightfall, the setting sun on the horizon being the only indication

I pass through the guards, heading upstairs until the voice coming from above makes me stop.. 

Don’t tell me you still didn’t choose anyone again today!” 

Dane runs a hand through his hair. I watch him carefully until I land on the last staircase, then. I didn’t pick. anyone because I didn’t 

matter. No one caught my interest.” 

Dane shakes his head in disbelief

I’m so shocked you said that, man!He utters and I shrug

Steeling my face, I speak the words I want to say

Dane cut me off this blind date. I’ve gotten my full.” 

Dane brushes into laughter, doubling over as he holds his belly

It’s that bad?He asks in between laughter and I nod

So fucking bad. I don’t enjoy it.I admit loudly

That sucks, anyways. I’m getting you off the hook.He pauses momentarily. Then, This makes me want to see who that girl messing up your head is, truly.” 

mute, shrugging at my zeta. No one you need to know.” 

Emergency calls only 

Chapter 56 

1 begin making my way down to my room when Dane’s voice cuts through my peace again

Heath dropped some news, alpha.” 

Heath is one of our friends but works in the rehabilitation center in the city

What did he say?I ask, my heart dreading what he has to say. I hope it’s not about her

Dane sucks in a breath and then says it all

He saw someone” 

A pause. Silence

I break it with my question

is that?” 

And who is that?” 

Alpha Incas.” 

Josie’s father? Where in hell has he been all these years? I think to myself as I stare at Dane, shocked

A dreadful feeling swims through me as I wonder why he’s hiding




Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back by BookWise

Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back by BookWise

Score 9.3
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: April 19, 2024 Native Language: English

Read Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back (Josie and Ashton) by BookWise Novel

Josie and Ashton

??? The book contains explicit contents. "Today, before every member of the pack, I Ashton Creed, the future alpha of the Yellow River pack, reject you, Josie Ward, as my mate." Josie had secretly crushed on her playboy alpha stepbrother, Ashton and to her surprise, he turned out to be her fated mate when she turned 18 years old. But what Josie didn't expect was being rejected that same day after they had bonded through s*x. What pained her the most was that he placed a bet on her with his friends. Josie was still nursing her heartbreak when she was accused of stealing her father's moonstone and was to be punished through a death sentence but on that fateful night, she ran from her pack and went to the city. Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back by BookWise Josie swore never to see her ex-mate, Ashton, and to hide their baby from him. After five years of being in the city, Josie became a popular language teacher and translator all men wanted for themselves. Surprisingly, she accepted a job offer where she would tutor a popular doctor in the city in private for ninety days and that doctor turned out to be Ashton. Ninety days with Ashton would mean sexual torture would she continue especially now she had another man in her life? What would happen when Josie finds out about her true identity and must fulfill her obligation to her new pack which includes marriage to the pack's beta?

Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back by BookWise

Josie. My vision blurred. My mind was dazed as pleasure shot through me. I threw my legs wide open as Ashton settled deeper, taking control of my body. I whimpered feeling every thrust, every whip Ashton gave me. He clutched my lips with his, giving me kisses that made me moan out his name. This felt good.

Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back


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