Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back Chapter 57

Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back Chapter 57

Chapter 57 

Diego’s POV 

I can’t help the tiniest grin appearing on my face, thanks to Rose. Having her in my life makes me complete

Since we started dating, it’s been all about getting to know each other more. Last night, I spent time telling Rose about my pack and she listened, interested in knowing us better

Wow, that’s some strange pack. So you guys don’t have an alpha? Rather a female?She had asked and I smiled as I nodded

No, Rose. It’s the ancient pack law. Our ancestors complied with it. That’s because the founding family of our pack is the direct descendant of the goddess.” I stated

The shocked horror look on her face had made me laugh. Then I was in the kitchen whipping a beacon for her. Aria had gone to bed by then, leaving only Rose and I. 

I hope I’m notkinda scaring you, hmm?I had asked with a lift of my brow

No. Of course not.She had responded to my delight

Great because I don’t want to scare you with details.” 

So you mean to tell me your pack is not as developed as this one we’re in?” 

I had shaken my head at her question and looking at her I saw the wheels turning. She was imagining what our pack would look like

You might want to come over someday.I had told her to which she nodded

Is there some kinda special thing about these alpha females that had ruled your pack?She had asked as she stuffed her beacon into her waiting mouth

Settling on the stool in the kitchen Island, I recount some of the traits the enchanters of our pack had

They have powers; it could give life or kill. Some ancient books revealed they could 


According to old tales of the sorcerer of our pack, seeing the vision is our way of identifying a new enchanter; one that could lead the pack

In the descendants family, only one female can be the enchanter and whoever manages to see her vision, will 

Chapter 57 

the leader

I don’t know how truer this is but whenever a new enchanter sees her vision the whole pack will be swept in a moment of pain

Tales had it that the vision comes at night and as the enchanter is seeing her futurethe pack members will be in pain

That’s whyit’s called a night of pain

Of course, I don’t intend on revealing this to Rose to avoid scaring her

I continued telling the traits the enchanters possess. Some of them can read minds. But the trait has been possessed by only one person since our pack’s existence.” 

And that’s the last enchanter we had. The woman who the pack sorcerer believed had children outside

Our last alpha female is said to have mated with two different alphas even though she was married to our last pack’s beta

She never loved the beta and so she found a man she loved outside our pack

Rumors had it, that the man broke her heart and she fled. She met someone else again but the same thing happened

That’s how she had left her children outside. Their identities were never revealed. We’re yet to find out if any of 

those children of hers will be the enchanter

And there’s usually one way to find outthrough a night of pain

We dread that in our pack but it’s usually the beginning of us having our leader

The fact is that I want the Double Moon pack to have a leader but having that meant I’ll have to marry the 

enchanter, wherever she’d be

That also meant, I’d separate ways with Rose

The string of thought had nudged me to hold her hands in mine last night as I naked my soul to her

Rose, I know I’ve said this a hundred times plus now. But I’ll still say it. I love you more than words can 


My words had given her a momentary pause. An indescribable look had filtered through her face

Emergency calls only

Chapter 57 

She didn’t return my words of love. She only stared. I didn’t expect her to. I’ll only be showing her and revealing to her how much I feel through my words

Thisthis ripple of emotion I feel for Rose is strange. It’s like the string of fate is dragging me toward her, tilting me in every direction she goes

I love her. I want her

Unbidden, I stood up, tilted closer, and pressed a chaste kiss to her lips

I watched her the rest of the night when she finished eating and went to bed

Now, she’s sitting an inch away from me, bobbing her head to the music streaming through the car

Sometimes she hums the lyrics along. It makes me happy

Oh, classical music? Never told me about that.” 

so you did ove 

She chirps a response. I do. But my love for it started after our first taco night. You know, me and my friends.” 


I nod at her words, sharing in her morning bliss. The car prowls through the street coming alive with people going about their daily activities

I’m just driving Rose to the hospital before I head over to my company

Stretching my eyes into the sidewalks, I see a shack filled with customers waiting to grab their cup of coffee

Turning to Rose, lask. Want some coffee?” 

She mulls over it for a minute and then nods. That’d be fine.” 

Taking the hint, I park the car on the curb and make my way out

adjust my shirt and pants as I skid towards the shack, queuing up like others

When it gets to my turn, I order two cups of coffee coated with whipped cream and a swizzle straw. Then I hurry back through the road, crossing to meet Rose

In the car, she thanked me as I hand her the cup

Hmmsmells nice.She hums, dragging gentle sips from the straw


Chapter 57 

We dive back into the road while the car gets clouded by some 

ome moment of quiet

When the thoughts occur to me, I clear my throat and ask

Why do you want Aria to stay withTessa?” 

Rose takes a quick pause at the sound of my voice. Her face paled slightly and I saw a fleeting look of dread filter through her

Like a master in masking feelings, Rose covered the emotions she felt now with a smile

I feel it’ll help her. And me too. You know my work consumes most of my time, Preventing me from spending time with her. So, I want her to live there. For noe” 

That’s a lie but coming so seamlessly from her lips, someone will assume it’s the truth

I don’t argue anyway, as long as Aria is in safe hands

If you say so.That is all I say

No matter what Rose does to make me feel she doesn’t have secrets, her body language already tells me

what are 

Rose’s secrets? I think to myself

In record time, the hospital’s facade rears up and I move closer and shut the engine

Thanks, Diego.She sputters but all I feel is the urge to pull her into my arms, hug her, and steal a quick kiss

I don’t the last part though but I pulled her in and hugged her

Rose gets out of the car and I watch her make her way into the hospital with an elegant gait

I restart my engine, I turn my face away, wanting to drive out but my eyes instantly wander around until it lands on Lilly

She has her front to my direction but her head is whipped backwards as she converses with the man she’s sittin 

with on a bleacher

Taking in the man’s backside, I realize too quickly he’s the one from before

The one that I saw her with back at the pub

Emergency calls only 

Chapter 57 

I shut my engine instantly and fly outta my car the moment I see the man grabbing Lilly’s hand like a vise

Icross the crowded road, running toward their direction… 

Getting there, I grab the man by his shirt forcefully. He whimpers and I hear Lilly gasp

With brute force, I whirl the man around and… 

My breath catches in my throat as I stare at thatfamiliar face.. 



Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back by BookWise

Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back by BookWise

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: April 19, 2024 Native Language: English

Read Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back (Josie and Ashton) by BookWise Novel

Josie and Ashton

??? The book contains explicit contents. "Today, before every member of the pack, I Ashton Creed, the future alpha of the Yellow River pack, reject you, Josie Ward, as my mate." Josie had secretly crushed on her playboy alpha stepbrother, Ashton and to her surprise, he turned out to be her fated mate when she turned 18 years old. But what Josie didn't expect was being rejected that same day after they had bonded through s*x. What pained her the most was that he placed a bet on her with his friends. Josie was still nursing her heartbreak when she was accused of stealing her father's moonstone and was to be punished through a death sentence but on that fateful night, she ran from her pack and went to the city. Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back by BookWise Josie swore never to see her ex-mate, Ashton, and to hide their baby from him. After five years of being in the city, Josie became a popular language teacher and translator all men wanted for themselves. Surprisingly, she accepted a job offer where she would tutor a popular doctor in the city in private for ninety days and that doctor turned out to be Ashton. Ninety days with Ashton would mean sexual torture would she continue especially now she had another man in her life? What would happen when Josie finds out about her true identity and must fulfill her obligation to her new pack which includes marriage to the pack's beta?

Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back by BookWise

Josie. My vision blurred. My mind was dazed as pleasure shot through me. I threw my legs wide open as Ashton settled deeper, taking control of my body. I whimpered feeling every thrust, every whip Ashton gave me. He clutched my lips with his, giving me kisses that made me moan out his name. This felt good.

Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back


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