Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back Chapter 58

Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back Chapter 58

Chapter 58 

Diego’s POV 

Tanner!I call out, totally shocked. For a moment there, speaking becomes difficult as stare at the man dangling in the arms

Lilly is shuffling from foot to foot, looking tense

Tanner stared back at me, equal parts shocked andirritated

Slowly, I set him down and he dusts his shirt as if my very own hands are dirty. The sarcastic look on his face makes me growl

If it’s not the betaTanner mutters and my disbelieving gaze turns to Lilly

Youand Tanner?I ask Lilly

She has this guilty look on her face as she gazes at me

I only just met him today, beta Diego.She says

Tanner is a traitor. The very one that had given our pack away when the last fight between ordinary wolves and Lycanwolves

He might be looking young but the man has aged, the wrinkle at the corner of his eyes is a clear indication

It was because of him that lycans defeated us by outing the truth about our pack. That’s the fact that the enchanter is our house of power

We are visibly weak without our alpha female. They make us stronger

Though it has been years that occurred the mark of it still lives. The alpha female alive then was taken as hostage. Later on, she got killed

That swept the pack under chaos and we began looking for the traitor. The day the enchanter who died five years ago was made the ruler she banished Tanner when the truth was revealed

That meant, one in the pack should mingle with him even outside of the pack. I know Lilly is now a rogue, but she can always return to the pack because she committed no crime

My disappointment lies in seeing her with him

Emergency calls only an 

Chapter 58 

o many explanations bore me out,Tanner said, laughing like a maniac

! Not Ustening to him, turn to 1 illy and ask. Did he hurt you?my voice tinged with concern

She shakes her head, no. Then. I’m fine.” 

Stay away from her!I tell Tanner who is watching Lilly with an intense look

I could butTanner shrugs a shoulder. She knows better.” 

A strange expression crosses both their faces but I can’t define it

With a blinding speed, Tanner walks away

Thank you beta.” She utters

Lilly and I make some small talk. When she turn to leave, I see the tiny paper attached to her bag and I stealthily pick it up

Unfolding the paper, I see the words


***Ashton’s POV*** 

Thank goddess. The surgery is a success.I announce to my fellow colleagues in the trauma room with me

That’s amazing, doc. Super good.Dr. Cronus says with a hint of satisfaction on his face

Honestly, we never thought this operation would be a success considering the fact that the patient was rushed 

a bit late after the accident

Stepping away from the patient, I throw the scalpel into the sink along with other equipment we use that are coated with blood. I wash my hands after removing my gloves and then get rid of the nose mask

Good. Once we finish the stitches, you wheel him to the private ward as requested by his family and put him of 

Emergency calls only

Chapter 58 

Thear Dr. Cronus rattle off instructions to the junior doctors and nurses there

release the breath I’ve been holding since I was called for the operation

Leaving the rest for my colleagues to handle the remaining work, I shove away from the theater and make my way into the hallway

I was in the middle of attending to patients and reports when the emergency came in. So I need to return back to 

  1. it

Good day, doc.Some nurses pass by sending greetings 

my way

I can feel their crimson face which tells me they’re obviously crushing on me

I wave back at them as a way of greeting them. My pace down the hallway continues

The whole place smells of antiseptic. Visitors occupy the seats on the second floor. 

I’m about to slink into the elevator to my office floor when I see one of the new nurses rushing towards me

She’s panting and literally out of breath

Doc!She calls, her feet pattering heavily on the floor

I pause and wait for her to reach me. 

Good morning, doc.She greets, gasping for breath

Any problem?I quirk a brow at her. 

Actually, Ms. Rose was looking for you” 

I’ll attend to her,I state, cutting her off

Oh, she instructed me to inform you about the tests she sent to your email.” 

My brows squeeze at that information. Thoughts whirl my mind as I think about that

For days now, Josie and I have not had classes normally

Emergency cana u

Chapter 58 

She always ends up sending files to me online and now it’s test

Schooling my features, I say to the nurse… 

Noted. Thanks for sharing.” 

twatch her fading figure as I wait for the elevator doors to shut

Something is telling me that Josie is deliberately avoiding me

I consider going to her office but decided against it. Instead, I head to my office

Getting in, I welcome the patients that want to see me

Hours later** 

have been seeing patients for hours now. I dish our prescriptions of drugs when needed

Others I order them to get it from my pharmaceutical

The work has been exhausting and most especially draining

fter that, I open my email and glance through the tests sent by Josie

at the end of the attached document, she wrote something

After this first test, you’ll need to write a review on how I’ve handled you since we began this learning process. his is usually needed at the company to determine my progress and remuneration.” 

er writing says

know without having to ask that she’ll need a fivestar review and I must ensure to give her that

eave the test for later. I can’t write it now my brain is nearly shutting down

amn, I need a huge relief

bottle or two can do that.My lycan suggests

Il reeling the suggestion, he says again


Chapter 58 

Or going to mate can help. Secing her is a drug, you know.” 

I sigh, shoving the thought away

I decide to work the workerspayroll

The amount each person receives is different from the other, so I take time to put in the right amount as deserved and according to ranks

It consumed my time and I didn’t recognize it was already late in the evening

However, the distant 

noises from outside tell me most of our workers are still lingering

Not wanting any distraction, I pin my focus on the work. I need to be certain of this before sending the list to my CFO

When the list has my whole attention, I hear my phone chime. The momentary distraction is unwelcome, but my mind keeps pushing me to check the notification that came in

Puffing a laden breath, I fall deep into my swivel chair and attend to the notification

Really?I blurt, scanning through the pictures that brim my screen

s the hospital’s group chat that includes everybody working here, even the janitors

he curiosity wells and I keep sliding the pictures and the birthday wishes everyone is sending to Dr. Cronus

Why didn’t he tell me it’s his birthday today?I mutter aloud, sitting up from my seat

reach the telephone and beep him in a call through the landline while my gaze still lingers on the pictures that 

I the screen

es, doc?His voice comes in, not holding a hint of recognition or remorse

reathe out into the phone

you deemed it fit not to inform me about your birthday, Dr. Cronus?” 

tartled gasp comes from the other side. Then. Fuck, doc. It skipped my mind to inform you.” 

suckle at his words. That’s because you don’t hold me dare, young man.I spew


Chapter 58 

Dr. Cronus growls low in the throat before saying. Of course, I do, doc” 


While he’s saying that, I hear my office door creak open

Somewhere in the recess of my heart, I was hoping it to be Josie. But no

It’s Dr. Cronus

You!I point accusingly at him while I put the phone down

desk. Cronus barks a laugh as he steps inside. He puts his cell phone down while approaching my 

Doc. I’m sorry I missed that bit.He says, his expression reflecting his genuineness

Because of your efforts here, young man. I forgive you.I remark

His face lights up again. Then

I Well if you have, that means you can’t say no to a little gathering I organized to celebrate my birthday?” 

A gathering?I ask

Yup, doc.” 

watch him for any hint of humor but I find none

What kind of gathering?” 

Karaoke night at the pub ten miles away from here.He shrugs. Then. I invited every worker in the hospital.” 

nsure that everyone doesn’t include Josie. Besides, attending this isn’t my plan

gardless, I shrug and accept Cronus’s invitation

ne then. I’ll be there.” 

Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back by BookWise

Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back by BookWise

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Josie and Ashton

??? The book contains explicit contents. "Today, before every member of the pack, I Ashton Creed, the future alpha of the Yellow River pack, reject you, Josie Ward, as my mate." Josie had secretly crushed on her playboy alpha stepbrother, Ashton and to her surprise, he turned out to be her fated mate when she turned 18 years old. But what Josie didn't expect was being rejected that same day after they had bonded through s*x. What pained her the most was that he placed a bet on her with his friends. Josie was still nursing her heartbreak when she was accused of stealing her father's moonstone and was to be punished through a death sentence but on that fateful night, she ran from her pack and went to the city. Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back by BookWise Josie swore never to see her ex-mate, Ashton, and to hide their baby from him. After five years of being in the city, Josie became a popular language teacher and translator all men wanted for themselves. Surprisingly, she accepted a job offer where she would tutor a popular doctor in the city in private for ninety days and that doctor turned out to be Ashton. Ninety days with Ashton would mean sexual torture would she continue especially now she had another man in her life? What would happen when Josie finds out about her true identity and must fulfill her obligation to her new pack which includes marriage to the pack's beta?

Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back by BookWise

Josie. My vision blurred. My mind was dazed as pleasure shot through me. I threw my legs wide open as Ashton settled deeper, taking control of my body. I whimpered feeling every thrust, every whip Ashton gave me. He clutched my lips with his, giving me kisses that made me moan out his name. This felt good.

Once Rejected My Alpha Stepbrother Wants Me Back


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